Besides pork, beef is one of the meats with high nutritional value and is always present in family meals around the world. Beef contains a lot of protein and iron, which are nutrients that are very good for health and beauty. In particular, this is also a very good food for people who want to lose weight and gain muscle very effectively.

Nutritional composition of beef

In 100g of beef, there are about 28g of protein, 10g of lipid, providing 280 kcal, twice as much as fish and many other animal meats. In addition, beef also has many good health benefits such as providing energy, replenishing blood, strengthening muscles, immunity, ... Although beef provides many important nutrients for health, some people should limit eating beef such as children and people with poor digestion, people with kidney stones, people with gout, people with high blood fat, high blood pressure. pressure, diabetes...

Types of beef and how to distinguish it

  • Beef: includes the front and back calves, suitable for stewing, boiling, steaming, stocking or cooking soup to keep the available deliciousness of the muscle.
  • Beef tenderloin: is the softest part of the beef, has a small, soft, low-fat texture that only requires basic and simple processing, but also exudes a special delicious taste.
  • Three beef: the meat is located in the belly of the beef, with alternating lean meat and fat, soft, fatty or used for grilling, stir-frying, and dipping in hot pot.
  • Lean beef shoulder: the meat on the back of the beef, the meat is soft, sweet and one of the best parts of the beef, used to cook pho, steak, hot pot, stir-fry. If the meat is mixed with fat and tendons, it is used to make stewed beef, beef balls, lagu...

How to properly store beef?

After buying beef, it should be put in a plastic bag, sealed container or wrapped in food wrap to prevent odors and bacteria and then placed in the freezer immediately without rinsing. In addition, you can also store beef in the refrigerator for about 2-4 degrees Celsius

Some delicious dishes from beef

Beef is present in many delicious Japanese foods with unique recipes, bringing a delicious and unique flavor that is hard to resist such as:
  • 牛丼 - Beef bowl
  • 肉じゃが - Meat and potatoes
  • 牛肉キムチ炒め - Stir-fried beef and kimchi

Where to buy good, clean beef with good price?

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